The Waste Land

Who is Tiresias in "The Wasteland"? Explain the modernist 'logic' that is written into the "structure of the whole."

T.S Eliot's the Wasteland

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Tiresias is the narrator of "The Fire Sermon." He is obviously meant to be the blind seer of Greek myth, and in the Wasteland he muses over the meaningless of everything. Is there something more specific you wanted to know? The "modernist logic" could take up a book (and probably has) but in short form, the poem is made of several seemingly unrelated sections connected just by the guiding hand of Eliot to ultimately suggest a world full of stuff but empty of meaning. It starts in April, with flowers, and ends on a dry body of water, with twists and turns along the way, connected solely by a feeling and perspective, which makes it modern (plotless) and less classicist.