The Waste Land

translate a quote

you know nothing?do you see nothing?do you remember nothing?/I remember/Those are pearls that were his eyes/Are you alive,or not?Is there nothing in your head

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The narrator asks us some questions that really don't have concrete answers. He asks us if, at the end of the day or our life, if we know anything at all. Really the narrator is asking us if we know nothing as a concept, have we ever experiences "nothingness"? What exactly is nothing? Okay, my head is starting to hurt here. I think that Eliot is getting to the point of spiritual nothingness, a wasteland of the soul. We all feel this from time to time in life, a a gnawing sense of depression that has no meaning. We wonder why we are here what is the point of it all? It is this lack of self and communal awareness that Eliot is tapping into.