The Waste Land

significance of the title of the waste land


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I presume you are referring to the TS. Elliot poem? Put simply The Waste Land " refers to the spiritual and intellectual decay of the modern world. The land is a barren and dry. Nothing grows from it and decay is a common theme. Link that with human nature of the 20th century and you have the basic idea of the title.

"The Wasteland" by T.S. Eliot is a poem of great significance. It is a must-read poem for understanding modern literature specifically modern poetry. The title signifies the decay of modern man and modern civilisation as a result of the World War I and Irish Revolution due to which the modern man lost the traditions, norms, values, civilisation, homes, families as well as their 'Self'. "The Wasteland" shows the barrenness, sterility, loss, and uncertainty of the modern world.