The Valley of Fear

what made mr douglas murder so mysterious

the things which make mr douglas case mysteriouse are

the shotgun which was old and noisy

the marriage ring of mr douglas was missing

the two footprint were different from each other

the byscle of killer was also found then from how the killer escape

one card were left

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Upon inspection of the dead man, it is revealed that he has been killed with a sawed off shotgun, an American weapon. Beside the disfigured body lies a card inscribed “V.V. 341” Other clues in the room include a bloody footprint on the windowsill, a missing dumb-bell, and the fact that the man’s wedding ring is missing. Another clue, discovered soon after, is a bicycle, concealed just outside the house grounds. Interrogation of the house servants reveals little, and after Mrs. Douglas, wife of the murdered man, and Cecil Barker, a friend of the family, are questioned, Holmes reveals to Watson that he believes they are in a conspiracy together.