The Two Gentlemen of Verona

how does the story ''two gentlemen of verona'' promise hope for society

10th class book 'english literature reader' & lesson no.1

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the war had destroyed everything the two boys had. they lost their home their father was killed in the war as well. untill the war they led a comfortable life . the war had led to streets , exposed them is bitter cold and driven them to extreme starvation. howevevr , it did not fill them with despair. they set up to build what was left over in the war. they found that their sister was suffering from tuberculosis of spine. they got her admitted to a hospital and worked very hard to pay for her treatment. these boys and their works show their great promise. by hard work, selfless deeds, dedication, devotion, love and humanity we can also promise hope for the society like the two gentlemen of verona.


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