The Truman Show

What things can the director Cristof control and what is beyond his control?

In the Truman show, Christof, the producer is able to manipulate Truman's outlook on life, desires, and options on social norms

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Christof monitors Truman’s every movement; camera men have him from all angles, 24 hours per day. The director also is in constant communication with the rest of the crew that works on his large scale set. Desogners are constantly in action.... changing backgrounds, decorations, ect., ensuring that each of Truman's experiences comes as close to plan as possible.

The director can't always predict Truman's reactions..... he doesn'[t have direct control over those, but he can direct those people who work around Truman (his family, his wife). These actors are paid to cater to his every whim and to manipulate him when necessary.]