The Truman Show

Throughout the film, Christof suggests that his created world is as real and full of truth as the outside world in which we live. Is this correct? Christof also suggests that even though Truman has lived in a fabricated world, he has still lived a real

please respond to the following questions in paragraph form (6-8 sentences) in order to answer all parts of the question. Each answer must include one textual reference from 1984 book to support your claims. Your response will be graded based on content and gram

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These are detailed questions that are beyond the scope of this short answer forum. In your first question, Christof his referring to the constant bombardment of advertising and manipulation that the real world must contend with. People in the "real world" lie and deceive each other. Seahaven is a lot simpler. There are few complications and emotional distress in Christof's manufactured world.