The Truman Show

need 3 facts about each character. Truman, Meryl, Marlon, Christof, Kirk, Angela; Sylvia (Lauren)

Truman show

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1) 1st child to be adopted by a corporation

2) his life is broadcast 24 hours a day

3) he was married and worked in the insurance business


1) Truman's wife (or so he believes)

2) A nurse (or so they have us believe)

3) places products throughout their life (ok) for advertising purposes


1) Truman's best friend

2) works as a vending machine operator

3) has a drug problem


1) created the Truman Show

2) oversaw everything about the production himself

3) couldn't face Truman and told him his predicament over the loud speaker


1) Truman's father

2) killed off when Truman was little to instill a fear of water (the real man is still alive of course)

3) snuck back on the set when Truman reached adulthood


1) Truman's mother

2) tries to talk him into having kids


1) background extra

2) plays a college student

3) has a romance with Truman and tries to unveil the truth about his life to him