The Truman Show

Is the first flashback ( the drowning of Truman's father) being broadcast on 'The Truman Show'? What suggests this? Answers: 0

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In Chapter Six, Truman sits alone on the beach. Cut to a montage of a boat trip Truman took with his father Kirk when he was a child. Young Truman urged his father to keep sailing even though the sky looked menacing. There was a terrible storm and Truman's father was thrown overboard. Despite Truman's attempts to save him, the older man drowned. Truman breaks out of his reverie when the rain starts to fall. Truman stands, and suddenly realizes that the tiny shower is falling only on him, and it follows him as he moves, like a wet spotlight. Moments later, the whole sky opens up.

When Truman is sitting on the beach remembering his father, the film cuts to a "memory" of Truman's father's death. However, this is only what Christof wants the viewers of the television show (and therefore, the film) to believe that Truman is thinking about. As viewers, we accept the visual language of this flashback, believing it to be a visual indication of his thoughts. However, there is no way to verify whether or not this is "true" - as Truman tells Christof at the end of the film, "you never had cameras in my head."