The Truman Show

how does the maufacturing of reactions by all participants except truman affect his perceptions of self?

are there examples within the movie that shows true reflection of self

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I always thought that the concept of the Truman show was ahead of its time. Now you can't change a channel without seeing some variation of a reality show. If we consider a show like Survivor or Big Brother, it is interesting consider what if just one character was like Truman. What if he didn't get prompts, or scripts or not so subtle hints about the direction the show is going in? This person would become a lab rat in a bubble. How do manufactured reactions affect real human reactions? I think, in the end you have one poor sap being manipulated and finally humiliated. Truman's story has to end in humiliation because his real reactions are subjected to an agenda based on ratings. To understand that all his decisions and thoughts were part of a marketing campaign was not only infuriating but it made Truman second guess his own sanity as well.