The Truman Show

How did Christof controlled Truman's Life

400-500 words

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Christof and his team manufacture rational explanations for every unexpected event in Truman's life. Heis programmed to be frightened of anything that might allow him to explore when he's curious. Christof also manufactures Truman's relationships to keep him in the dark. The actors arewell chosen and very convincing. Meryl quells Truman's impulses to travel by reminding him about the practical concerns in life - having a baby, paying off their mortgage, retirement. Truman's mother, Angela, subtly reminds Truman of the pain and guilt he associates with traveling on or over water by suggesting that Truman is responsible for his father's death. Marlon plays an "everyman" who always tells Truman that his life is wonderful and there is nothing out there to top what he has in Seahaven. Marlon serves as a kind of therapist, trying to connect Truman's mounting paranoia to the way most human beings react to maturing and having increased responsibility.