The Tortilla Curtain

Why is Kyra so upset about da ros house burning . What did this house symbolize for her? Chapter 5

page 319

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While Kyra's Arroyo Blanco home remained intact, her most prized property, the home that represented her dream, was not. The fire, illuminating once again, completely destroyed Kyra's American dream, highlighting its impossibility and completely extinguishing it. Upon the sight of the destroyed home and the demolished possessions within it, Kyra does not blame her bad luck as the Rincóns would. Instead, she blames it on the Mexicans, specifically José Navidad and his partner, and has no problem abandoning her democratic values to curse all illegal immigrants in her mind. Nevermind the fact that there is no proof that any Mexicans did this - she is simply angry that her American dream was taken away, just as her two dogs were snatched away from under her nose, and she is convinced that it is all the Mexicans' fault.