The Tortilla Curtain

What is the role of mothers in the book?

Is there any role of mothers representing in the book? Especially with Kyra? And also quote and page number.

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Kyra is a moderately successful real estate agent who, like Delaney, is very concerned with health and fitness as well as nature. Her insistence on Jordan's high-fiber, whole grain diet, her daily running regimen, and her and Delaney's memberships in the Sierra Club, Save the Children, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Democratic party reflects these priorities of hers. However, she makes her distaste for the illegal immigrants seen around L.A. much more obvious than Delaney does and has a much easier time abandoning her pretenses of treating all people equally, especially when these immigrants threaten to bring down the value of her properties. Kyra has a stereotypical American workaholic attitude, spending too much time at work and not enough time with her family. She also has a unique view of sex as a therapeutic act, using it to relieve her stress and tension as opposed to express her love and passion.