The Tortilla Curtain

The two languages and their role in the novel

In this novel we see the diffrent steps between the two langauges spanish and americain . What is the role of it in this novel?? When do the auhor uses spanish . what does he want to express ?

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He wants to show how the two aspects of America live. nature writer Delaney Mossbacher and his wife, real estate agent Kyra Menaker-Mossbacher, live in an exclusive, secluded housing development with their son, Jordan. Camped out in a ravine at the bottom of the canyon are Candido and America Rincon, a Mexican couple who have crossed the border illegally. They want to have a home by the time their baby is born. They want the American dream and the mossbacher's are trying to protect it.When he uses spanish he wants to show that america is a diverse land with many cultures and that we all want the american dream


the tortilla curtain