The Tortilla Curtain

How does America's view of the U.S change as the story progresses?

What changes America's views of the united states after certain events takes place?

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America becomes disillusioned quickly. América, who, like Cándido, grew up in Tepoztlán, is only 17 years old and the youngest sister of Cándido's first wife. She runs away with him after falling in love with his promises of a bright life in the US. However, it does not take long for her to realize that these may have been just empty promises, and the longer she and Cándido lived their subhuman life despite how hard the two of them work, the more she grows to hate him. She constantly misses her mother and her sisters, and soon she wants nothing more to return home. She mourns the loss of her dignity and the loss of her morals as she and her husband resort to stealing and trickery to stay alive. She even demands that Cándido get her money to take their baby, Socorro, back to Tepoztlán. Despite all of this, however, she still loves her husband. She is simply too worn out to handle the many stresses and hardships that come with trying to make it in America.