The Tortilla Curtain

How do Candido and America feel about cars?

just like how they feel about cars pretty much

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The cars are related to two people but affect Candido and America. First of all Delaney's and Kyra's cars definitely stand for materialism. They both own cars but Delaney seems to have a lot of trouble with his car throughout the book. First he crashes into Cándido, then the car is stolen and finally his new car is hit by another one. All these car accidents show the instability of materialism. It isn’t eternal and this is something all the rich people of Arroyo Blanco fear. Every time the car’s in danger Delaney encounters Mexicans. Both accidents are connected with Cándido, and when the car is stolen Delaney has just encountered José Navidad and accuses illegals. This also puts the Mexicans into the role of endangering wealth. And this is why all the owners try to protect their properties by building up walls and spreading aggression against illegal immigrants.