The Tortilla Curtain

Does TC Boyle have the right to write the Tortilla Curtain?

As a white, well off American can he really understand the struggles of Immigrants from a non biased perspective, he continously makes Candido and America look likes savages and compares them to cayotes trhoughout the whole novel. Is TC Boyle Delaney? The white middle class guy driving around in his Acura talking big liberal talk but in reality a racist like them all?

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One theory of writing is that we should keep the author's life out of what he/she writes.  Your idea that he cannot empathize with their problems does not take away from the fact that he can write about the challenges they face.  At the end of the novel, we certainly - as readers - see that those who are well-to-do and "privileged" keep the illegal immigrants in a place where they cannot be noticed or paid attention to.  Assuming that this is a universal idea about the difficulties of being poor, illegal, and unable to move forward.  Even nature, to some extent, does not cooperate with the ways in which these people would like to improve their lives. 

Boyle if you have the right to write this book is saying in the book there are many truths that happens to Latin or American people