The Time Machine

When he escape from the Morlocks inside the pedestal, the TT goes into the future and stops the machine on a beach. Which of these statements about the world of that time are true?

1- The world is now turning very slowly.

2- There is no wind.

3- There is ice along the edge of the sea.

4- The air is thinner.

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The air is thinner, only when he 30 million years furth into that future does he find ice along the edge of the sea, and the world is turning slowly (the sun is unmoving, think science). The only think I don't see mention of is the wind

I'd go with thinner air..........


The Time Machine

So, if I've understand.

The World is now turning ver slowly is true ?

There is no wind is wrong ?

There is ice along the edge of the sea is true ?

The air is thinner is true ?