The Time Machine

what can be inferred about literary utopias. What do they have in common? What are their differences? What was the Time Traveller’s version of utopia? How did his realization about the future hinder (hurt) the vision he imagined in his mind?

CONCEPT OF UTOPIA IN LITERATURE. the difference between a utopian and a dystopian society.

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With the TT's journey into the decaying, dying future, Wells suggests that entropy, the gradual dissipation of energy within an increasingly chaotic system, is the fate of the universe (for a fuller discussion of entropy, see the analysis for Chapter I). It makes sense that Wells would believe this, since entropy seems at odds with evolution--evolution implies that life becomes more complex and fitter with time, whereas entropy leads to chaos and death. As he has already shown with the Eloi and Morlocks, evolution leads to dystopian imperfection, not utopian perfection, and should not be considered as a vision of progression. Moreover, this dystopia is governed by entropy; the Eloi have little energy, physical or mental, and they live in chaotic fear of the Morlocks. The Time Machine does, in the end, have many allusions to Christian theology where simple evolution is not the way to utopian bliss.