The Time Machine

The TT has four reasons for going to the Green Palace.

These are :

1- To find a safe place to live.

2- To make or find a weapon.

3- To fond a way of making fire.

4- To find a way of breaking open the metal panels.

Which of these does he manage to do successfully?

From chapter 10 to chapter 12

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They find Morlocks there so they have to run hence they could not find a safe place to live.

The answer must be the third ? No ?

The TT's reason for going to the Palace of Green Porcelain is to find a safe place to stay and make weapons for himself; when he arrives he finds the remains of ancient city; camphor and matches to make fire, and items to make weapons. They can't stay there because the Morlocks are far too close, but he does have an iron mace that he's planning on using to force the bronze doors open. He also finds dynamite.

This comes from Chapter 8


The Time Machine

I don't understand! There are 2 answers? 3 answers?

What number it is?