The Time Machine

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How does Wells convey a sense of changing time in his description of the time traveler's transition through more than 800,000 years? 

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In Chapter Three, the TT (now narrating the story) shows his audience the Time Machine, now in slight disrepair, though it still works. (Description of his journey will be recounted in present tense.) That morning, he uses it and quickly jumps ahead over five hours. He gives it a second run and watches the world around him as the advance of time continues to speed up. After a while, the laboratory disappears--he assumes by destruction--though he remains on the same hill in the open air. He watches trees and buildings rise and fall, and his pace soon rises to over one year for every minute of his existence. He looks forward to seeing more of the developments of civilization he witnesses, such as great buildings and lush environments. Though it is not a problem while he travels at such high speed, he worries about colliding with some substance when he stops.