The Time Machine

I don't remember which of these happen in Chapters 13-15?

1- The TT climbs to the top of the hill again.

2- He opens a panel and gets inside the pedestal.

3- He strikes a match and the Morlocks run away.

4- He stops on a beach and is attacked by three enormous crabs.

5- He finally arrives more than thirty millions years into the future.

6- There are no living things inthe world at this time.

7- He comes home and tells his story but nobody believes him.

8- He leaves his home on a second visit to the future and returns after three years.

Which of these are true? Which of these are wrong?

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My copy doesn't have a Chapter 13. Go to the GradeSaver site and see if you can match your info up in the chapter summary.


Oh ok!

I'm french so it's possible that we haven't the same book !

In Chapter 13, the time machine is in the pedestal. It has been placed there by the Morlocks , who intend to trap him there, but he gets inside the pedestal and is able to escape in his machine.


The Time Machine