The Things They Carried

what is the diffrent in how jimmy loves martha

what is so diffrent oon how much jimmy loves martha

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The difference in the way Jimmy loved Martha was that he NEVER stopped loving her. When he burned her pictures, and in essence, shut her out of his life he did it out of guilt..... none-the-less, he never forgot her.

Cross shows O’Brien the photo of Martha playing volleyball. The image is the exact same one that he burned after Lavender’s death (see “The Things They Carried”). O’Brien is surprised to see it, so Cross explains how he came to have another copy. He had run into Martha after the war. She had never married, had trained as a nurse, and gone on Lutheran missions to the Third World. She was unreceptive when Cross confessed that he had always loved her. When the conversation took a slightly sexual turn, she shut her eyes and rocked back and forth, seeming very disturbed. She gave him another copy of the photo of her playing volleyball and told him “not to burn this one.”