The Tempest

the tempest can be considered a classic and also a contemporary play. what do you think?

i should write an argumentative essay about this, and don't know really how to do it. any help will be welcomed.

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The Tempest is, of course, a classic Shakespearian play. It can also be considered a contemporary play for many reasons.

First of all because it contains rebellion, treachery, mutiny, conspiracy and challenges to authority, (the main character is in the position of power (Prospero)) that are resolved at the end. The play can also be seen as an allegory of colonial exploitation, representing the natives of the New World. And it can be recognized as a model of colonial relationships and a metaphor of colonial history. The play also uses code switching between elevated literary language and "lower" forms, between high art and low art, characteristic of the contemporary literature. The play is also a comedy (tragi-comedy) play, which is characteristic of the contemporary literature.

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