The Sun Also Rises

What are the character traits of Jake Barnes?

List 5 character traits that can be backed up with quotes. I'm having trouble finding much about Jake, despite the fact that he is the protagonist, please help!

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Jake Barnes

The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Jake is a young American expatriate working in a Paris newspaper office. He is a veteran of WWI and has an injury from it which, it appears, has left him impotent. He desires Brett, with whom he developed a relationship while in the war hospital, but cannot have her because of his physical condition. His submissive pursuit of her often undermines his values and sense of self-worth. His other passion besides Brett is bull-fighting; he is considered a true aficionado of the sport. He spends his days and nights living irresponsibly and drinking heavily with his friends, none of whom he seems to care about too deeply, such as Robert Cohn. Overall, Jake represents the worst of the Lost Generation -- irresponsible, aimless, and bitter, his life seems over before it has begun.

His opinion of socializing:

"Nothing. This whole show makes me sick is all."

Living irresponsibly:

"What do you do nights, Jake?" asked Krum. "I never see you around." "Oh, I'm over in the Quarter."

"No," he said. "I'm going up the street and eat. See you later, Jake." He walked out and up the street. I watched him crossing the street through the taxis, small, heavy, slowly sure of himself in the traffic.


While I dressed I heard Brett put down glasses and then a siphon, and then heard them talking. I dressed slowly, sitting on the bed. I felt tired and pretty rotten. Brett came in the room, a glass in her hand, and sat on the bed. "What's the matter, darling? Do you feel rocky?" She kissed me coolly on the forehead. "Oh, Brett, I love you so much." "Darling," she said. Then: "Do you want me to send him away?"

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