The Stranger

What did you think about Camus' short sentence style?

I think that it adds to the character of Meursault. He lacks depth and persception, so therefore the short sentences confirm and add to that cahracterization? thoughts ideas....

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i believe that your idea is right. Meursault is portrayed as not being very thoughtful in the sense that he does not look deeply into things. The use of his short sentences helps the reader determine and realize this.

In fact since I did a phd on albert camus i found this question very interesting...I think that, besides the interest someone has on the language, study of semiosis on his books etc the most important part of all is, here that this 'cut' in my opinion on the style is due to Camus s intention of giving an image of the soul and refers to how we deal with the soul

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personally i disagree in the sense that i feel as though Meursault is a very thoughtful and understanding person who seems to comprehend life more than any other.

although i found the sentence structure almost difficult to read at first, the choppy sentences and over-use of the pronoun "I" forced the reader to be more disconnected from the story itself, therefor further confirming the idea that Meursault is the Stranger and even though people may know him, and may know his story, they will never understand him.

basically the syntax and diction of the story almost act as a barrier between Meursault and the reader further preventing any direct contact/relation.