The Stranger

In "The Stranger", On pg. 21, what hint is the reader given as to where Meursault lives?

Chapter 2 on pg. 21

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Sorry, page twenty one in my book is in chapter 3. The story takes place in a French territory of Algeria; on page 21 we're definitely in a city (unnamed), filled with prostitutes, rental apartments, and stores that sell lottery tickets.

If we look at Chapter 2, we can easily see that Marsault lives in a small flat he used to share with his mother. It's located in a city near a harbor with a pool. The city has streetcars, French cafes, movie theaters, ect.

"After lunch I felt at loose ends and roamed about the little flat. It suited us well enough when Mother was with me, but now that I was by myself it was too large and I’d moved the dining table into my bedroom. That was now the only room I used; it had all the furniture I needed: a brass bedstead, a dressing table, some cane chairs whose seats had more or less caved in, a wardrobe with a tarnished mirror. The rest of the flat was never used, so I didn’t trouble to look after it." (Chapter 2/ Page 15)


The Stranger