The Stranger

Does Meursault ever judge anyone?

Why doesn't Meursault judge anyone? What is he scared of? any examples if he ever did judge anyone?

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I think he doesn't judge anyone, because he simply feels like it, because he is so to say, indifferent in character and he has no good reason, nor interest to judge anyone. Judging someone would bring him to thinking about that person's judgment, which is simply not his characteristic. The thing he's trying to do is LIVING HIS OWN LIFE, and doing what he thinks makes him content... Also, that's the reason why he never cried on his mother's funeral... because he's trying to be himself (that's why he's STRANGER), in the ocean of other people who follow the customs (thus put the masks on their faces, not showing their real personality).

That's my theory. What's yours?

although i agree to a certain extent, i do feel as though he didn't cry at his mothers funeral almost as a subconscious realization before his later one in the last chapter, that once we are aware that death is approaching, we loose hope, loose expectations for the future. and without a future and expectations for it we can generally appreciate the true beauty that life has to offer. Sometimes all that we have left is nostalgia, and the memories to live through just enough to enjoy the remaining time and understand how happy we actually are.

to me Meursault was and is content with what life had to offer. he felt no need to lament over the loss of one because its natural. It happens to everyone eventually and life simply will continue on.

i'm assuming he does not judge anyone because maybe he figures that no man's life is worth more than another's? and therefor judging someone would be almost frivolous in the sense that who's to say? one life to the next, we're all just living.