The Stranger

Discuss the theme of ‘absence and presence’ in "the Stranger"

In this book, some dualisms can be found, and we can see certain objects that are absent or present in Meursault's life. Do you have any ideas on that? Thanks!

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Meursault is an existentialist hero that nobody loves. He has the uncanny ability of being in a place yet being somewhere else at the same time. Where might that somewhere else be? Well, really nowhere in particular. This is the absurdity about Meursault that makes him difficult to get to know or really be around at all. If he wants something, like sex from a woman, he will engage her in courtship ritual but there is a detachment that oozes out of him at the same time. Meursault refuses to commit to anything, even prison. Sitting in prison is not so bad for Meursault because his mind is really somewhere else. Meursault's lack of commitment or belief in anything makes him a pretty insufferable protagonist to connect with. He is interesting but leaves you wondering how much of him existed in the first place.