The Stranger

Contrats Meursault's view of society with society's expectations of Meursault. what values does Meursault's society offer him?


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 Meursault does not participate in the game of society's expectations and so rejects Paris if he wants to, tells Marie he does not love her, and agrees with his boss that he has no ambition. Marie sees him confused when she scolds him for not wanting to know where she is going to. As Camus wrote, "The hero of my book is condemned because he does not play the game." His refusal to conform to the value system of society in these small ways, though they do not upset Marie or his other friends too drastically, will parallel his time in prison and will give ammunition to his attackers, condemning Meursault as a danger to society. The reader must wonder if normal human sensations and societal behavior codes do lie deep inside Meursault or if we are simply reading too much into his behavior because of our own deeply ingrained expectations.