The Stranger

ambiguity in The Stranger

what are some examples of the lack of detail/ambiguous details in the stranger?

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"A good deal of ambiguity exists in Raymond’s relationship with Meursault. On the one hand, Raymond uses Meursault. He easily convinces Meursault to help him in his schemes to punish his mistress, and to testify on his behalf at the police station. On the other hand, Raymond seems to feel some loyalty toward Meursault. He asserts Meursault’s innocence at the murder trial, attributing the events leading up to the killing to “chance.” It is possible that Raymond begins his relationship with Meursault intending only to use him, and then, like Marie, becomes drawn to Meursault’s peculiarities." (1)

Meursault lives in his owm world, concerned only with his own thoughts......... the things he does mean nothing to him; society, on the other hand tries to attach it's own meaning to something that's ambiguous. Meursault is inexplicable.