The Story of My Life

Describe the character of Mildred Keller.

The Story of my Life

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Mildred Keller is the younger sister of Helen Keller. For a long time, Helen regarded her little sister as an intruder on her mother's attention. Eventually, the two developed a close relationship, though Mildred was never truly able to understand Helen's finger language. Mildred also attended the Cambridge School with Helen for six months.

Mildered was the younger sister of Helen Keller. She was abstemious and simple. She often tried to clung to her mother, but this troubled Helen very much because she felt her as an intruder. Similarly once Helen overturned the the cradle, at the same time Heleln's mother saved her from being killed. But afterwards both of them became close and intimate to eachother. Similarly both of them studdied at Cambridge School for six month.


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