The Spanish Tragedy

let me knoe some objective questions in spanish tragedy

The spanish tragedy

by KYD

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Why is Andrea not allowed to cross the river Acheron when he first arrives?

(A) His funeral rites have not been performed

(B) The three judges cannot decide what place in the underworld he should go to

(C) He was killed unfairly by Balthzar

(D) His love for Bel-Imperia prevents him

Which of the three judges of the underworld suggests that Andrea go see Pluto and Proserpine?

(A) Eacus

(B) Radamanth

(C) Minos

(D) Charon

The king decides that Balthazar will stay at whose house?

(A) Horatio

(B) Lorenzo

(C) His own

(D) Alexandro

The Viceroy is the ruler of what country?

(A) Spain

(B) Portugal

(C) Iberia

(D) England

Horatio's masque in Act I, scene iv dramatizes the triumphs of which country over both Portugal and Spain?

(A) Ireland

(B) England

(C) Scotland

(D) America

What did Bel-Imperia give to both her lovers (Horatio and Andrea)?

(A) A bracelet

(B) A knife

(C) A scarf

(D) A book