The Sound of Waves

how have shinji's feelings towards fishing changed?

how did shinji's feeling for fishing changed

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Chapter 2/ page 19

Shinji had never looked at the ocean in terms of anything but the fishing he loved and knew that he'd one day make a living at. Here we see him envisioning the world beyond the sea, and a sense ofadventure and wanderlust coming upon him. It isn't that his feelings change, but rather that fishing just might not be enough.

"Surrounded though he was by the vast ocean, Shinji did not especially burn with impossible dreams of great adventure across the seas. His fisherman’s conception of the sea was close to that of the farmer for his land. The sea was the place where he earned his living, a rippling field where, instead of waving heads of rice or wheat, the white and formless harvest of waves was forever swaying above the unrelieved blueness of a sensitive and yielding soil.

Even so, when that day’s fishing was almost done, the sight of a white freighter sailing against the evening clouds on the horizon filled the boy’s heart with strange emotions. From far away the world came pressing in upon him with a hugeness he had never before apprehended. The realization of this unknown world came to him like distant thunder, now pealing from afar, now dying away to nothingness."


The Sound of Waves