The Secret River

why did the 2 aboriginal men approach william in a clearing in the forest? what appeared to be their concerns? how does william find himself reacting to them? what warning do the aboriginals give the thornhills?

in the chapter, clearing in the forest

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1) The 2 aboriginal men approach them with spears in their hands....... they approach because William's family have taken over their land.

2) Because they can't communicate, William becomes very frustrated. He takes on a condescending tone, and when that doesn't work he begins to slap the older aborigine and yell at him. Not very smart..........

3) From gradesaver; "The old man reaches for the club tied to his waist, while the young man lifts his spear to the ready. William and Sal hear the unmistakeable sound of spears being fitted into spear-throwers all around them. Although they can't see the other Aborigines, they are surrounded. The old man grunts and turns to leave, dropping the spade on the ground. However, the young man does not immediately follow. Instead, he walks up to William and pushes him in the chest. Then, he slaps him three times, just as William had done to the old man. The young man then makes a gesture no one can misunderstand - Go away."