The Secret River

how does thornhill choose the position of his new house??

in the last part of the book...

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"Thornhill’s alienation from the environment also illustrates his unresolved conflict with the land. Although Thornhill built a ‘foursquare, immovable…estate’ [pg 330], he acknowledged that his home was insignificant against the great Australian backdrop. Even though he aimed to perfect his home, there was always something at fault, ‘some [things] were too big, others too small’ [pg 315]. Thornhill believed that the land was ‘creased and furrowed’, as though it was dissatisfied at his presence. However, the land was home to the natives since they blended into the forest as though they were a part of the nature. From Thornhill’s reflection, it is as though the white settlers would never belong to the landscape." (1)