The Secret Life of Bees

Wall Keeper

Why did Lily become the wall keeper at the beginning of the book? i understand what she does and everything but why did she do it? Was it becuase when May died she felt an obligation to maintain the wall?

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Okay, I just didn't see it at the beginning. I think that the meaning of the wall evolves with Lily over time. She begins to see it as an outlet for sorrow as well as a tradition unique to the people at the farm. The wall evolves as a family shrine of sorts that Lily will tend to keep the memory of their sadness, hope, and love. 

I don't see that Lily becomes the keper of the wall. I know she finds it an odd way to express pain because it is so different than how she expresses pain. Do you know what chapter she becomes the "wall keeper"? 

It's right at the end of the book. This is all it gives about it:

"I sit in my new room and write everything down. My heart never stops talking. I am the wall keeper now. I keep it fed with prayers and fresh rocks. I wouldn't be surprised if May's wailing wall outlasted us all. At the end of time, when all the wrold's buildings have crumbled away, there it will be."