The Secret Life of Bees

Lily’s decision to leave home is a turning point. Has the author justified this transition on a rational or emotional basis?

Chapter 2

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Spending afternoons selling peaches for T. Ray from a roadside stand, Lily is consistently bored, but she is not allowed to bring books to entertain her. Her father T-Ray is abusive and tells Lily that her mother's death was her fault. Rosaleen, the black housekeeper, spits o a white man in town and is jailed. Lily begs T. Ray to get Rosaleen out of jail, but he explains that Rosaleen chose to dump spit all over the most racist man in town. Upon returning home, T. Ray tells Lily not to think about leaving the house, and Lily responds that he does not scare her. She and T. Ray get into a fight ending with T. Ray attempting to punch Lily in the face. Lily claims that her mother would have kept her safe, but T. Ray replies that Deborah did not care about Lily and that in fact she intentionally had left Lily behind. Lily sinks, and her mind rattles around her father’s statement. She decides to leave T. Ray’s house and get Rosaleen out of jail. The adventure unfolds from there.