The Secret Life of Bees

Explain how Lily wishes to be "normal"

In chapter four, Lil wishes to be normal. Explain why.

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"I wanted to say, Because I just want to be normal for a little while-not a refugee girl looking for her mother, but a regular girl paying a summer visit to Tiburon, South Carolina. I want time to win August over, so she won't send me back when she finds out what I've done." This quote exhibits Lily's desire for a normal life. She continually feels out of place even around August who she grows to be comfortable around. She feels that she needs to earn August and the other sister's love in order to forget her past and lead a normal life. Although Lily begins to develop a strong will, she remains insecure as she has never truly felt loved in her life. She thinks that love is something that she can earn and believes belonging to be something that she will be rewarded with.


She wants the opportunity to live like a regular girl.... she wants a home and love. She says she wants to feel these things just for awhile.... until she cab win August over; them she'll tell the truth.

and sorry....... that would be can not cab, and then not them....