The Seagull

I have a lost Seagull

Yesterday I discovered a strange looking bird feeding under a Mesquite tree on the property. I went outside in the evening and this bird took off from the corner of the roof. This morning I spotted it feeding again under a different Mesquite tree. It rained a little last night and for about the past 6 hours this bird has been standing in a puddle of water on a cement pad at the side of the house. naturally, the water is evaporating.

I live 40 miles SW of Tucson, Arizona. The nearest ocean water is about 600 miles west of here. There's probably nothing I can do to help the bird, but I hate to just see it standing there hour after hour watching the water disappear. Any suggestions?

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Seagulls eat anything and there are many to be found near the shopping centers where I live. I don't live near the sea, although I do live about 30 minutes from one of the Great Lakes. They seem to do fine as long as they're regularly fed.