The Sea-Wolf

explain wolf's ultimate fate. how is humphrey involved with this?


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After a while, the island is beaten by a broken schooner. This is the "Ghost", with Wolf Larsen on board. He lost his sight. It turns out that Death Larsen two days after the escape of Van Weyden and Maud took the "Ghost" to board and bribed the hunters, leaving his brother on his schooner alone. Cook finally took revenge on Wolf Larsen, mopping up the mast.

The crippled "Ghost" with the broken masts drifted in the ocean, until it was nailed to the Endeavor Island. By the will of destiny, on this island, blinded by a brain tumor, Captain Larsen discovers a rich rookery of seals, which he sought all his life.

Maud and Humphrey at the cost of incredible efforts repair the "Ghost" and lead him to the open sea. Larsen, who is consistently loosing after seeing all the senses, is paralyzed and dies. At the moment when Maud and Humphrey finally discover a salvage ship in the ocean, they confess in love to each other.