The Scarlet Pimpernel

Scarlett Pimpernel

Contrast Lady Blakeney in the early chapters of this novel with Lady Blakeney as she is described at the conclusion of Chapter 19, as she sets off from Richmond. Explain how her character has changed and how the reader’s perception of her character has changed.

I know it seems like I'm some kid who just doesn't want to do her work but I'm behind in English and this stuff is due this week, and if you don't want to directly give me the answer then can you point me in the proper direction?

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Let's face it, when we first meet Lady Blakeney, she isn't very likeable. She seems spoiled, she haughty, and not at all sympathetic. By Chapter Nineteen, this perception changes. The woman we come to know isn't a cold fish after all..... she's simply misguided, a poor decision maker, and at times very naive. Even now, after confessing her part in denouncing the Marquis de Cyr's family, Lady Blakenley still refuses to trust her husband with the whole truth. In fact, neither Percy or Margueritte can find it within themselves to come clean..... they can't even admit their love for each other. None-the-less, at this point in the novel we've come to be invested in these characters. Sometimes we feel sympathy..... at other times, we comtinue to find their actions foolhardy and immature.


The Scarlet Pimpernel