The Scarlet Pimpernel


List ten steps by which Marguerite discovers the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel. This is what I'm thinking:

1. Marguerite receives her husband's letter.

2. When Percy unexpectedly left the house for an urgent job matter.

3. Realized that Percy was in the supper room when Scarlet Pimpernel should've been too.

4. Knows that Percy went in the "DayDream"

5. His study was perfectly clean with no sign of rushing to leave on urgent bussiness.

6. She realized that the slow and foolishness is an, "act."

7.Maps of France were in his study

8. She found a gold ring on the floor with a Scarlet Pimpernel flower on it

9. When her friend told her that Scarlet Pimpernel just sent out for london to meet her father.

**What am I missing? Or is something wrong? Thanks in advance!

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This looks pretty good....... if you want to double check your facts....... head over to the link below. I thought the information they provided for Marguerite was very helpful.