The Scarlet Pimpernel

Explain the attitudes of Mr. Jellyband and Mr. Hempseed toward the french revolution?

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Jellyband owns the Fisherman's rest and supports the Revolution, but he does not support the murder of the French aristocracy.

Mr. Hempseed cares little about the Revolution;

"That's quite right, Mr. `Empseed," retorted Jellyband, "and as I says, what can you `xpect? There's all them Frenchy devils over the Channel yonder a-murderin' their king and nobility, and Mr. Pitt and Mr. Fox and Mr. Burke a-fightin' and a-wranglin' between them, if we Englishmen should `low them to go on in their ungodly way. `Let 'em murder!' says Mr. Pitt. `Stop `em!' says Mr. Burke."

"And let `em murder, says I, and be demmed to `em." said Mr. Hempseed, emphatically, for he had but little liking for his friend Jellyband's political arguments, wherein he always got out of his depth, and had but little chance for displaying those pearls of wisdom which had earned for him so high a reputation in the neighbourhood and so many free tankards of ale at "The Fisherman's Rest."


The Scarlet Pimpernel