The Scarlet Pimpernel

Compare and Contrast the English commoners, as represented by Mr.Jellyband, with the French commoners, as represented by Monsieur Brogard. Which does Orczy favor?

Use examples from the text to support your answer.

This is the only question i'm stuck on!

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Clearly Orczy prefers the English commoner Mr. Jellyband to his French counterpart Monsieur Brogard. Brogard is the pugilistic owner of the Chat Gris inn in Calais where Chauvelin and Percy meet for their face-off. Brogard is crass and belligerent with his guests. When asked a question about the whereabouts of a guest Brogard is flippant, "I have said enough, voyons les aristos. He came today. He ordered supper. He will come back. Voila!" Mr. Jellyband is described as the consummate rural English host. He is jovial, welcoming and attentive to everybody that walks into his establishment.

"Facing the hearth, his legs wide apart, a long clay pipe in his mouth, stood mine host himself, worthy Mr. Jellyband, landlord of "The Fisherman's Rest...There he stood, mine worthy host, firm and well set up on his limbs, smoking his long churchwarden..."

Clearly Orczy felt Jellyband had the jovial disposition of an English country pub host as opposed to the cranky and stuffy bar owner of Brogard.