The Scarlet Pimpernel

Chpt 17-18: #1. Discuss Marguerite and Percy's parting as he prepares to leave. WHAT does Marguerite discover after he leaves?

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Lady Blakeney asks for her husband's help in saving her brother but Percy remains cold. He says that perhaps she should ask Armand, but Lady Blakeney isn't sure how to tell him that she needs her husband's help, since it's Chauvelin who is blackmailing her.

Still, Percy perceives his wife's fear and assures her that her brother will be safe -- though he still withholds even the slightest sign of affection ( he really loves her though).

After Percy leaves Lady Blakeney takes the opportunity of Percy's absence to peak into his study, which is organized and neat. She wonders why Percy presents the image of the buffoon, when he is clearly a competent and thoughtful man. She sees a small gold ring on the carpet, which she picks up. It has a flat shield, engraved with a scarlet pimpernel. Lady Blakeney suddenly realizes the true identity of her husband.