The Scarlet Pimpernel

Chpt 13-15: #1. discuss the info in the note


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Well that is the Pimpernel's note. I think it was meant for the Pimpernel's allies. Marguerite saw two lines of it. The info. is enough to let Chauvelin know where to intercept him. That's really about it.

Do you mean the note that Marguerite read to Chauvelin ?

"One was, `I start myself to-morrow,'" she said quietly, "the other -- 'If you wish to speak to me, I shall be in the supper-room at one o'clock precisely.'"

I am not sure which of the notes it is. Could you help me with both of them, please?

I just need help discussing the information in the note that said "If you wish to speak to me I shall be in the supper-room at one o'clock precisely."

Thank you. I felt like I understood it but hearing your point of view helped clarify it and make it even more easy to understand. You have helped me SO VERY MUCH during the last week. I really appreciate you taking the time and energy to share your wisdom!

Not a problem, glad to help.