The Scarlet Pimpernel

chpt 10: #2. Discuss Chsvelin's visit to Marguerite's opera box.

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Chauvelin corners Lady Blakeney at the opera and reveals the letter he has found. If she does not help him, he will ensure that her brother is executed. He tells her that if she helps him at Lord Grenville's Ball to discover the identity of the Pimpernel, who is supposed to be meeting with his men in secret during the course of the party, then he will give her her brother's letter the next day, and she can destroy it. For now Lady Blakeney has her own sympathies torn, between saving her brother and betraying the Pimpernel. But whereas Percy chooses the Pimpernel over blood, Lady Blakeney chooses blood over allegiance to the hero and tells Chauvelin she'll help him find the stealthy Englishman.