The Scarlet Letter

What motivates Pearl's being over all others?

Chapter 6

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The first thing Pearl saw in her infancy was the scarlet letter. As a baby she even reached up and touched the letter, causing her mother intense agony at the shame it generated in her. Pearl later played a game where she threw flowers at her mother and jumped around in glee every time she hit the scarlet letter.

At one point Hester asks Pearl, "Child, what art thou?" to which Pearl replies that she is Hester's little Pearl. Pearl eventually asks who sent her to Hester, to which Hester replies that the Heavenly Father sent her. Pearl responds with, "He did not send me ... I have no Heavenly Father!" Pearl then presses Hester to tell her who her father is, saying, "Tell me! Tell me! It is thou who must tell me!" Hester is unable to answer her question and remains silent, thinking about the fact that some Puritans think Pearl is the child of a demon.