The Scarlet Letter

What are 4 facts about Hester in chapters 11-12?

Im doing an essay, and I have to read chapters 11-12 and write 4 facts about Hester, Pearl, Chillingworth and Dimmesdale and i cant understand the book enough to get anything out of it. Help Please!!

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Hester is a strong woman who has kept Dimmesdale's secret. She is willing to join on the scaffold should he wish to confess to the world.

Pearl is Hester's Jewel. Through Pearl, Hester is almost proud of her symbol on her bosom.

Diommesdale is at his breaking point. He is physically and emotionally ruined. He needs to unburden himself.

Chillingworth is evil. He sees Dimmesdale on the scaffold and fears losing his twisted hold on the priest